A show about one troll's adventures in the world of medicine!


“Young boy, who shines brighter than anyone else,

Rise to become a legend.

Young boy, shine like a legend,

Holding the sky in your arms.” ~ A Cruel Angel’s Thesis; Neon Genesis Evangelion

Daggertail100, aka WOLFEDEN Stories, is an aspiring writer trying to work his way to the top. He writes psychological horror stories, psychological thrillers, and sci-fi/fantasy for a certain age group, and lighthearted stories for all ages. He currently writes stories based on popular anime, cartoons, and video games to sharpen his skills until he is ready for his first challenge: writing the first novel. With every word he writes, with every story he crafts, he learns something new and grows into a better writer.

He also does a little voice acting which can be heard in “Help Me! Doctor Hazama!” (a parody of the popular BlazBlue franchise). In the YouTube show, he is the voice of Dr. Hazama, Hakumen, and various random characters that appear throughout the show. He also has the great privilege of working with dear friends, various talented aspiring VA’s, and the honor of working alongside professional VA’s such as Rina-chan (http://suzumiya-haruhi.net/) and Takahata101 (http://www.teamfourstar.com/), who are frequent guest stars playing the roles of Makoto Nanaya and Iron Tager. “Help Me! Doctor Hazama!” began in July of 2011, and is quickly gaining fans. The show receives at least 230+ views everyday, with most of the episodes having thousands of views each.

Daggertail100 has also appeared on the official BlazBlue Facebook page, with co-star HarajukuShoujou, for winning the 1st Place Presentation Award at the Masquerade cosplay competition at Another Anime Con 2011. They had been awarded for a comedy skit parodying BlazBlue, where they had performed as Hazama and Noel Vermillion (the same characters they voice in HMDH).

Besides HMDH, Daggertail100 also creates Visual Novels. His first was a VN based off of Ryukishi07’s Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, called “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kan”, a celebration of his love for the original work. Episodes from the first story arc of the tribute VN, “Kanashii-hen”, is now on YouTube for viewing.

His dream is to enter the anime/video game industry as a writer and as a voice over artist. His dream is to have his name pass the lips of everyone in the world.

He wishes to become a legend. He will not settle for anything less.

His business email for inquiries about HMDH and other projects, along with requests for joining outside projects is helpmedoctorhazama@gmail.com.

YouTube Channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/Daggertail100?blend=1&ob=video-mustangbase



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