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We Moved!

We moved over to Tumblr! Please follow us there for more HMDH content, including short comic strips!



Here Come Much More Challengers!

I have a very special announcement to make today. I am pleased to announce that we have acquired two new actors for the show!

We have StrawberryBlossom (YouTube) playing the role of Nu-13, everybody’s favorite yandere of BlazBlue! ^_^

We are also joined by a new professional VA! I am referring to none other than the co-star/writer of Dragon Ball Z: The Abridged Series, Takahata101! He shall be joining our already powerful cast of VA’s as Iron Tager!

Here’s to long and prosperous partnerships with each and every VA we have on the team!

The Ragna Minisode!

The new minisode is here! This marks the debut of Axman as Ragna and Aporia as Rachel Alucard and Platinum the Trinity!

Episode 5.5 is Here!




Here Comes Even More New Challengers!

Our second casting call ended yesterday. Here are the new actors who passed the audition (Beatles reference ftw)!

Litchi Faye-Ling – Pheonixx

Platinum the Trinity and Rachel Alucard – aporia

Arakune – sonicmega

Tsubaki Yayoi – SorahDaae

Please welcome them into the HMDH family!