A show about one troll's adventures in the world of medicine!


Help Me! Doctor Hazama! is a parody of the highly popular BlazBlue fighting games. It is a reference to BlazBlue’s official in-game parodies such as Teach Me! Miss Litchi! and Help Me! Professor Kokonoe!. It follows a similar format to those modes, but it has my own flair and sense of humor thrown into it.

I made this series to celebrate my love for BlazBlue and to make other fans of the game laugh. I hope you enjoy the series, and I also hope that I might make you a fan of Doctor Hazama as well as a fan of BlazBlue.

Doctor Hazama follows the (mis)adventures of Yuuki Terumi, a.k.a. Hazama. He just received his P.H.D. and M.D. degrees from the Kagutsuchi Medical School. He can help anyone with just about any problem that there is. He can even birth babies! Well…not really…

He hopes to help as many people as he can with his medical prowess…or does he? Is Hazama still the troll we all know and love or has he turned over a new leaf? We shall see!



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